Men usually enjoy arm training more than women. After a chest workout, men typically prefer to do arm workouts. It might be because they want to gain more arm muscles. Whereas in the case of women, their main goal is not to gain more muscles. Instead, they want to lose all of their arm fat. So the females require more well-planned arm workouts. Everything on social media is a trend. Even going to the gym and uploading some workout routines has also become a trend. But have you noticed how in every gym video on social media. They are only encouraging you to lose lower body fat? No one talks about Arm workouts for women: Build Shape, Size, and Strength. In this context, we will explain all the arm workouts that a woman should perform.

Why Arm training is important for women?

There is a misconception that doing arm training will result in an increase in the bulkiness of the arms. But in reality that is not the case. Doing arm exercises plays an important role in a woman’s life. Given below is the outcome of the arm exercises:

  • Helps in throwing a strong punch whenever needed.
  • Makes the muscles strong which will help in carrying heavy bags or some other things easily.
  • Improves the athletics performance. For instance, if you are a runner then you still need arm strength.
  • Boost body confidence.
  • Since it will reduce the extra fat, women who are insecure about wearing sleeveless tops or tank tops can wear them without any insecurity.
    Bicep Workouts for Women

What are Biceps and Triceps?

Before beginning with the workout process you should know what part of your arm is called a bicep and what is triceps.


The two big muscles present on the front of your upper arm is known as Bicep. The word bicep is derived from Latin. These two heads are generally known as the short head and the long head of the biceps. There are two main functions of the biceps. One is to help in bending your elbow. And the second function is to enable the forearm movement.


As the name suggests that there are three heads in the Triceps. And they are named the Lateral Head, the long head, and the medial head. As a woman gets older and older the fat in their arm area increases and it results in the development of the triceps. The fat is mainly stored in the long head part of the triceps which makes the arm of a woman look more thick. Men usually focus on getting their arms shaped like a horseshoe because of their thickness. At the same time, a woman will want to reduce that thickness. And it would only happen if they perform long head exercises more.

Is it necessary to have an Arm Day?

Arm fat could be reduced by lifting weights. If you indulge in weightlifting for even one year, you should also do some full-body workouts.

This includes full upper-body workouts or classic pairings like back-and-bicep and chest-and-triceps or shoulders-and-triceps. These approaches are popular because they are effective.

Arm Workouts for Beginners

These workouts are specially for women who have yet to begin their workout. So performing these exercises might help if they are performed with strictness. And the exercises are:

  • EZ-Bar Curl

In this exercise, you must add weights for the first two sets. And in total there should be 4 sets with the reps of at least 12 times. You can also take a rest for 1 min between each set.

  • Dumbbell Preacher Curl

While performing these exercises the main focus of it would be on the Biceps and the secondary focus will be on Forearm Flexors. The exercise should be performed at least 4 times and with 8 reps. The rest time between each set should be 1 min.

  • EZ-bar Skull Crusher

Weight is to be added for each set. And the number of sets performed should be 4 along with 6 reps.

Quick 20-minute workout for women

Sometimes it is not possible that you have enough time to go to the gym or to do exercise at home for even just 1-2 hours. But you can spare 20 minutes or so, then to make that 20-minute workout more effective perform the exercises given below:

Triset Exercises

These exercises are to be performed in the same order as it is mentioned. The said exercises are:

EZ-bar skull crusher

The most recommended tip to perform this exercise is while extending your elbows Exhale and then lockout the weight overhead.

  • Sets – 3
  • Reps – 8 with no rest
    EZ-bar skull crusher Workout

Band Overhead Triceps Press

Ensure that while performing this exercise your shoulder blades do not tilt forward at the time when you are extending your elbows.

  • Sets – 3
  • Reps – 10 (no rest in between)
    Band Overhead Triceps Press for woman

EZ-Bar Curl

This exercise targets the short head of the biceps branches.

  • Sets – 3
  • Reps – 10
    EZ-Bar Curl Workout

Once you have performed all the above three exercises without any rest. Now you can take a break for a maximum of 1 minute. After this again perform the next set of exercises mentioned:

Dumbbell Preacher Curl

This Preacher Curl is highly effective for focusing on the arm flexors.

  • Sets – 3
  • Reps – 8 (Try not to rest)
    Preacher Curl

Cross-body hammer curl

This exercise is perfect for those who want to create a peak on their biceps.

  • Sets – 3
  • Reps – 20 (On each side at least 10 reps and no rest)
    Cross-press body curls

Triceps Extension

After this exercise, you can finally take rest for a maximum of 1 minute, though try to rest for only 45-50 seconds.

  • Sets – 3
  • Reps – 10

Advance Workout for Women

This workout is for those women who have experience in gym training for some years. This is an advanced-level workout that should not be performed by beginners. The exercise for advanced workouts are:

  • Seated Band Inclined Biceps Curls

Number of sets 4 and 8 reps without any rest in between.
Seated Band Inclined Biceps Curls Workout

  • Drag Curl

4 sets are to be performed with 8 reps. There should not be any time for the rest.
Drag Curl Workout

  • Hammer Curl

Only 4 sets with 8 reps. No rest is to be taken here.

  • Single Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl

4 sets with just 6 reps on both sides each. After this, you can rest for a minute.

The proper order of performing these exercises should be the same as it is given in this blog. Although this was only the first half of the advanced workout, the second half of the exercises are:

  • Standing Barbell Overhead Triceps Extension

This exercise is to be performed with the help of an EZ-Bar. And the sets are 4 with 10 reps. No rest is to be taken.
Triceps Extension

  • Triceps Dip

For this exercise, you will require a machine or a band for assistance. 4 sets are to be performed with reps of 12.
Chest Dips

  • Double arm Triceps kickback

Only 4 sets with 12 reps are to be performed.
Double arm Triceps kickback

Summing it up

Having a strong arm and shoulder is a necessity. It reduces the risk of getting injured and also improves body posture. And working out on the arm does not require much effort. It has simple Arm Workouts for Women: Build Shape, Size, and Strength!

Those who want to know the full workout routine should go to their nearest gym and enroll there. Even if you are a beginner and do not want to perform the exercise at the gym, then also you should enroll yourself. It is so because performing exercises at home just by watching videos online will not help as you will not know what is the correct posture of each exercise and it will also increase the risk of you getting injured.