As the solution for weight loss, many people move towards traditional forms of exercise like running or cycling and avoid resistance training. If you are also one of those who are confused about exercise for losing weight is whether to focus on cardio or strength training, then don’t worry because we are here to help you with the best gym in Gurgaon.

Although, cardio training and strength training are two different types of exercise, a combination of both of these can be even more effective and result driven for reducing weight and improving overall health. Cardio training helps in burning calories and improves oxygen supply of oxygen to your whole body. On the other hand, strength training helps in increasing muscles (lean tissue), which helps in improving overall body consumption and provides some metabolic benefits for weight loss.

In our further content, we will cover some topics such as an introduction to cardio training, and strength training, their benefits, and a list of exercises for both. Along with that, we will also cover some helpful tips to get the best results.

Introduction to Cardio Training:

Sometimes aerobic exercise is referred to as cardio training. In simple words, it is a type of rhythmic activity that results in raising your heart rate into your target heart rate zone. And in this zone, you burn the most fat and calories in your body. There are several different types of cardiovascular exercise that you can perform to meet your fitness goals. But if you really want to achieve your fitness goal then you must have to focus on three of the most important factors such as consistency, duration, and intensity. If you want to know about the several benefits of performing cardiovascular exercises then dive with us in our further section of this blog.

Cardio Training For Weight Loss

Other benefits of Cardio Training:

There are several physical and mental health benefits that cardio training offers. We have mentioned some of the benefits which are as follows,

  • It helps you to burn calories and fats and makes it more easier to lose weight.
  • Reduce stress and improves your sleep quality.
  • Increase the oxygen supply to your whole body by increasing the amount of air that your lungs can hold.
  • Reduce the risk of several health issues including high blood pressure, increase in cholesterol, diabetes, some forms of cancers, heart attack, and more.
  • Helps to increase stamina, fitness, and strength of your overall body.
  • Strengthen your heart, which results in pumping blood more efficiently and improves blood flow to all the parts of your body.
  • Cardiovascular training also plays an essential role in improving your mood and happiness.
  • Helps you to get relief from chronic pain.

15 best Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss:

We have mentioned below the list of a few cardio exercises which you can perform for losing weight.

    • Rope skipping
    • Zumba
    • Power walking
    • Incline walking
    • Swimming
    • Cycling
    • Jumping Jacks
    • Stair climbing
    • Running
    • Boxing
    • Kick Boxing
    • Assault biking
    • HIIT (High-intensity interval training)
    • Plank Jacks
    • Stag Jumps

Introduction to Strength Training:

Strength training is also considered as weight training and resistance training that helps you to make you more stronger and also builds muscle endurance. In this type of training, you move your body against some type of resistance including, free weights, your body weight, resistance bands, resistance machines, and more. Whether you want to reduce body fat, burn calories, or increase lean tissues (muscles), strength training is the most important part of an overall fitness program.
Strength Training For Weight Loss

Other benefits of Strength Training:

There are several physical and mental health benefits that strength training offers. We have mentioned some of the benefits which are as follows,

  • It helps you to increase your bone density, makes you more flexible, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Helps to reduce and manage body weight by increasing your metabolism to burn more calories.
  • Reduce the symptoms and signs of several chronic conditions including depression, heart disease, arthritis, back pain, obesity, diabetes, and more.
  • Makes you feel good, improves confidence, and can even help relieve anxiety and depression.
  • Helps in reducing the risk of injury by improving the strength, mobility, and range of motion of your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Along with that, it also helps you in boosting your immune system.

15 best strength training exercises for weight loss:

We have mentioned below the list of a few strength training exercises which you can perform for losing weight.

  • Deadlift
  • Barbell Bench Press
  • Barbell Lunge
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Sit Ups
  • Barbell Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Chin-ups
  • Battle Ropes
  • Squat Thrust
  • Barbell Rollouts
  • Bulgarian Split Squat
  • Side Planks
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Farmers’ Walk
    Strength Training

Tips to Get the Best Results:

Being the best gym in Gurgaon, we have mentioned below some beneficial tips that will help you in your cardio and strength training for weight loss.

  • Combine strength training with continuous movement in your cardiovascular training session.
  • Aim to perform a single set of each exercise, using a weight level heavy enough to tire your muscles.
  • Never check your weight regularly, because it can demotivate you, cause stress and encourage you to give up.
  • Take a liquid diet for 3-4 days after the gap to every 10 days in a month. Try to consume nothing rather than organic juices for boosting your metabolism.
  • Make sure that you are taking a proper nutritional plan or consuming a good amount of calories because your diet plan plays an essential role in reaching your weight loss goals.
  • Stay away from packaged food and meals that contain higher fats for up to 4 hours before the workout.
  • Find and perform the exercise that you enjoy. It will result in making your training session more sustainable.

Bottom Line:

Overall, both cardiovascular training and strength training can provide better results when it comes to weight loss. While cardio training burns calories and improves cardiovascular activities, strength training builds muscles and boost metabolism for weight loss. Along with that, they both provide many other health benefits also, so there is no need to be confused while choosing between cardio and strength exercises. You have to give in proper time to both for better results in your fitness goals but always remember to start with lower intensity and always listen to your body to avoid injury.

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