Nutrients play a significant role in the growth and development of the body. They are built with a strong composition of several elements of which protein holds a large portion and a vital place. Doctors and nutritionists all recommend involving high-protein foods in your regular diet plan. A healthy diet not only helps you in carving an attractive physique but also helps in building strength in the body to fight against viruses and several diseases.

People nowadays are highly addicted to junk food that acts as a slow poison for their bodies. But, on the other hand, some people are also becoming health conscious that they are even performing a search of the best gym in Gurgaon, but this solely is not going to help them. So, to help them in picking up the right food to add to their plate, we have invested efforts to provide them with a comprehensive list of some of the high nutrition food.

Take a tour of this piece of information to develop a better understanding of the proteins and their importance.

How do high protein foods help in greasing the body mechanism?

Including high-protein foods in your diet can bring a lot of pleasant results to your body. Considered a main component of body nourishment, protein does carry some of these general perks that you all might be aware of:

  • Helps in the growth & development of body muscles
  • Contributes to the management of hunger levels, which in turn results in improving the functioning of hormones relating to weight
  • Add strength to bones
  • Works on cravings
  • Burn more calories and boost metabolism

Understanding the nutritional value high protein foods holds

There is no direct method through which one can calculate the nutritional value of high-protein foods, however, to get an idea of the nutritional value that proteins carry, the quantity of amino acids is measured. Based on this factor, it has been evaluated that different foods carry different nutritional values that get vary on the grounds of the quantity that amino acids secure. Say, when we take a look at animal products then they are referred to as the complete source of protein i.e. they carry high protein, while when we talk of plant protein then they are referred to as incomplete sources of protein. The third category that carries an adequate amount of protein comprises Soy products, Quinoa seeds, and others.
High Protein Diets

Right foods to get a high protein diet – a complete guide

Getting stuck to a high-protein diet nowadays is not a hard task to do, if you are having the zeal to carve an attractive physique. To help you in knowing what foods you can include in your diet, we are providing a summarized list of the foods.

Have a look at it.


Eggs are a good source of protein that can be consumed by anyone at a low cost. There are multiple ways of consuming eggs, but boiled egg is considered a high-protein snack. The albumen portion of the egg contains pure protein, and the yolk is a composition of several other nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and many other components that are essential for the body.

Chicken Breasts

For those who are non-vegetarians, chicken breast could be the ideal source of protein for them. In addition to helping people in increasing their protein intake, it is also an excellent source of providing other essential nutrients to the body which include minerals, a variety of vitamins, and many other elements.


Milk is a power pack of nutrients that everybody requires. Apart from being a rich source of protein, milk is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Among all the categories of milk, Cow milk is considered the best.


They are an excellent source of proteins for those who are vegetarian. Rich in fiber, Lentils are counted as a plant-based protein. Affordable to add to your diet, they carry remarkable health benefits and cut down the chances of heart disease. It also carries other essential nutrients that include fiber, folate, magnesium, potassium, iron, and other essential elements.


Enriched with the goodness of high proteins, folate, fiber, zinc, copper, and other essential nutrients, Quinoa gives a complete pack of proteins. It is a one-in-all food to meet all the nutrient requirements that your body needs. Further, it comprises all the nine essential amino acids and is a highly recommended food for vegetarians.


Belonging to the plant-based protein class, almonds are highly enriched nuts. A handful of nuts provide your body with the essential fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, and manganese, which lowers the chances of heart attacks, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and other related diseases.

Cottage cheese

Dairy products don’t fall back on adding nutrition to your body. Low in fat and calories, this cheese carries essential nutrients in abundance. People can extract the benefits of calcium, phosphorous, selenium, and vitamin B12, apart from getting high protein.

Greek Yogurt

You can add Greek yogurt (or, strained yogurt) to your breakfast or snacks to get the goodness of calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin A, selenium, zinc, and other beneficial nutrients.

Lean Beef

For those who prefer non-veg, red meat can be something that they can add to their diet. It is considered an excellent source of protein. It holds around 21g of protein in 85g of ground beef.


Found effective in fighting against several health conditions including heart conditions and type 2 diabetes, fish is an excellent source of protein and is effective in dealing with overall issues relating to health.

Pumpkin seeds

You may not like pumpkin in vegetables, but its seeds are good and counted among the rich source of protein. These seeds carry the nutritional power of protein and minerals such as magnesium and selenium. You can add these seeds to your smoothies, yogurt, and oatmeal.

Turkey breast

Containing several minerals and vitamins, cooked turkey breast is included in high-protein foods. In 85g of serving, 25g of its composition is of protein only.


Sea foods are considered as an excellent source of proteins and so is the Shellfish. So, if you are fond of seafood then you can add shellfish to your diet.

Peanuts and Peanut butter

Mere one or two tablespoons of peanut butter can add outstanding benefits to your health. One can apply this butter on toast or can get it mixed in their smoothies or salads to derive amazing health benefits out of it. It’s a quick way of adding protein to your diet.

Ezekiel bread

Unlike other breads, this bread is completely organic and is composed of sprouted whole grains. To be precise, out of all the breads this bread holds high-protein composition and other essential nutrients.

Protein powders

Protein powders have nowadays occupied a large segment of the market and have secured a remarkable positioning in the mind of people, especially in the mind of gym nuts. Whey protein powders are found really effective in filling up the requirements of the protein that a body wants.

Don’t cross the maximum line of consuming high protein diet

Excess of anything doesn’t results in delivering fruitful results. The same case applies here also. Maintaining a balance is important when it comes to your diet plan. Excess of protein also results in shocking/adverse health results.

Do you have an idea of what consumption of excess protein will lead to?

If not, then check a couple of the astonishing effects that excess protein might bring.

  • This leads to improper working of body organs, specifically, the liver and kidneys
  • Gives birth to higher risks of Osteoporosis
  • This leads to improper breathing and several other serious health conditions

The Final Cut

In addition to the high protein foods that have been enlisted in the above-carved read, you can even join Fitclub to get personalized advice relating to the exercises that you can do along with it from professional trainers. Again, remember including high-protein foods in your diet doesn’t mean that you exceed the limit. Take the recommended quantity of protein to avoid unfavorable outcomes. So, just inculcate the habit of adding protein-rich foods to your daily meals.