dNowadays, a perfect figure is mandatory to grab the attention of people or make an effective impact on a group of fitness freak people. Well! We can’t deny the fact that a regular workout is not only essential to look good but also plays a pivotal role in maintaining health. Now, a common question arises here- What if a gym is not an option I have?

Don’t worry, the gym is not the only gateway to mend your body, there are various effective workouts available that could be performed at your home as well. Yes! You read it right! There are so many people who are not able to join a gym, sometimes due to hectic routines, due to family, due to frequent travel, or due to any other reason. We are here to aid that community by providing a suite of the best leg workouts that could be performed at home.

So, fitness aficionados! We will cover the instructions to practice effective exercises suggested by the experts of the best gym in Gurgaon. If you are ready to do multiple sets of the best leg workout at home, go through the read and be familiar with the various types of leg workouts that could be performed at your comfort space.

What we’ll take on the go:

  • Leg workouts with weights
  • Leg workouts using body weight
  • Leg workouts using a resistance band

Leg workouts with weights

If you are looking for a way to perform leg workouts at home with weights, here I’m elaborating on a few majorly performed leg exercises. You can use either a barbell, dumbbell, or weight plate to perform these exercises. Make sure to practice these exercises after going through the instructions properly as it could be a cause of an injury if you practice the leg workout at home using weights with carelessness.

Goblet squat:

  1. You need to hold the weight you have with your hands in front of your chest by making sure to stand hip-width apart.
  • Now proceed by moving your hips downwards by keeping them backward in the sitting on chair position.
  • Keep your chest up and focus on your hips breaking below your knee crease.
  • Now, all you need is to provide force into your heels, squeeze your glutes, and take the initial standing position back. This is it, repeat this leg workout at home 10 times and complete it for 3 sets.
    Fitclub Bodyweight Squats Beginner Leg Workout

Romanian deadlifts:

  • Hold the weight (a barbell or dumbbell) right in front of your thighs by using your overhand grip.
  • Make sure to stand with feet by keeping the hip-width gap.
  • Now, slighting bend your knees, and keep your back linear.
  • With a hinge at the hips lower the weights towards your legs while sustaining a flat and straight back.
  • Once you start feeling stretch in your hamstrings, return to the preliminary position and repeat.
    Fitclub Deadlifts Beginner Leg Workout


  • Hold the dumbbells using both hands and keep them either at your sides or a barbell across your upper back.
  • Stand ahead of a sturdy bench or you can also use an elevated surface.
  • Step onto that sturdy bench with one foot by providing force through your other foot.
  • After placing one foot on the bench, bring up the other foot.
  • Now, step back down from the bench and repeat the whole practice on the other side.

Pendulum lunges:

  • First of all, grasp the weights in each of your hands by keeping them right in front of your chest.
  • Proceed by doing a lunge forward using your right leg, make sure to keep your left leg in the same position.
  • Now, move the same right leg and do a lunge backward by keeping the left leg stationary.
  • Make sure to do all the reps by using your left heel to stand up.
  • After this, do the same back and front lunges using your left leg and keeping your right leg stationary.
    Fitclub Walking Lunges Beginner Leg Workout

Weighted hip bridges:

  • Lie on your back with a weight (barbell, dumbbell, or weight plate) resting on your hips.
  • Bend your knees, place your feet hip-width apart, and keep your feet flat on the ground.
  • Lift your hips off the ground by driving through your heels, creating a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Lower your hips back down and repeat.

Leg workouts using body weight

If you don’t have weights, no worries because it is not mandatory to have weights for performing the effective and best leg workouts, you can do it using your body weight as well. Wanna know, how? Stroll through this section.

Air Squats or Jump Squats:

  • Begin with standing with your feet by keeping a shoulder-width gap between them.
  • After this, bend your knees slightly and move down your hips to maintain a squat position.
  • Provide force through your heels to stand up to your initial position if you are performing and explode off the ground like practicing a jump for jump squats.
  • Repeat this leg workout at home and do the reps as much as you can.

Hip Bridges:

  • Initiate by lying on your back with bent knees and straight feet on the ground hip-width apart.
  • Apply force using your heels and lift your hips off the floor while squeezing your glutes.
  • Elevate down your hips towards the ground to complete one repetition and do multiple sets.
    Hip Bridges

Reverse Lunges or Jumping Lunges:

  • Embark on this leg workout at home by standing tall on your feet with the hip-width gap.
  • Step one leg back and lower your body into a lunge position, with both knees forming 90-degree angles (for reverse lunges).
  • And then explode off the ground and switch legs mid-air (for jumping lunges).
  • Push through the front heel to return to the starting position (for reverse lunges) or continue alternating legs (for jumping lunges).
    Jumping Lunges

Single-Leg Deadlifts:

  • Make sure to stand on your one leg while slightly bending your knee.
  • Hinge at your hips and extend your opposite leg behind you, keeping your back and extended leg in a straight line.
  • Elevate down your upper body by keeping the extended leg towards the ground and maintaining balance.
  • Return to the initial posture and do multiple reps.
    Single-Leg Deadlifts

Leg workouts using a resistance band

Nowadays, one more thing is getting all the rage to perform effective leg workouts- resistance bands. If you are not aware of the usage of this band in your leg workout at home, here’s a list of the best leg workouts that could be performed with the resistance band.

Step-outs with Resistant Band:

  • Attach or wrap the resistance band around the lower legs, above your ankles.
  • Stand by keeping the feet hip-width apart and keep maintaining tension on the band.
  • Take a step to the side, stretching the band and keeping your feet pointed forward.
  • Then, take a step backward to the beginning position and repeat the practice other side.
    Banded step-outs

Banded air squats:

  • Place or wrap the resistance band just above your knees.
  • Stand by keeping the feet hip-width apart with toes slightly turned out.
  • Push your hips back and lower yourself into a squat while keeping tension on the band.
  • Provide force using heels to be back on initial posture.
    Banded air squats

Single-leg Romanian deadlift with Resistant Band:

  • Step on the resistance band with one foot and hold the other end in your hands.
  • Hinge at your hips, lifting one leg straight behind you while lowering your upper body toward the ground.
  • Return to the starting position by engaging your glutes and hamstrings. Switch legs and repeat.
    Banded single-leg Romanian deadlift

ISO Banded Hip Bridge Knee Drive-Out:

  • Initiate by lying on your back with the resistance band just above your knees and feet placed on the ground.
  • Elevate your hips upward into a bridge position by keeping the stretch on the band.
  • Push your knees outward against the resistance of the band and then back to the initial posture to complete the leg workout at home.

Touchdown jacks:

  • First of all, wrap the resistance band around your lower thighs to be ready for jacks.
  • Stand tall and straight with your feet together and hands positioned at your sides.
  • Jump your feet out to the sides while simultaneously raising your arms above your head, forming a “touchdown” position. Jump back to the initial posture and repeat.

The Bottom Line!

Enhance your lower body fitness with a dynamic bodyweight leg workout at home. The aforementioned exercises collectively promote muscle tone, flexibility, and overall lower body strength. Incorporate them into your routine for a well-rounded, impactful workout without the need for specialized equipment.