There’s a specific reason why Monday is historically known as ‘Chest Day.’ Especially when it comes to men, it’s one of the main reasons because the most important muscle in people’s minds is the upper chest muscles as it plays a vital role in how our bodies going to look.

When it comes to building an impressive chest, many people focus primarily on the lower portion, neglecting the importance of the upper chest. However, developing a well-rounded chest means targeting both the upper and lower regions.

In this article, we’re going to cover how to get that coveted upper chest pump, whether you’re working out at home or at the gym. We’ll cover a variety of exercises that target the upper chest muscles, including both bodyweight exercises and exercises that require equipment. By the end of this article, you’ll have a complete understanding of the best upper chest exercises and how to incorporate them into your fitness routine.

But before we get started, let’s address one important thing: the ‘dad bod’. While there’s nothing wrong with rocking a dad bod, it’s important to remember that fitness is not just about appearance it’s also about improving your overall health and well-being.

So, are you interested in learning the secrets behind the best upper chest workouts that you can do from the comfort of your home or at the gym? I figured so. Look no further, because we have the secret manual to the best upper chest exercises you need to get the chest of your dreams.

Let’s get started!

Upper chest exercises at home

When it comes to working out the upper chest, many people think that they need access to a fully equipped gym with heavy weights and machines. However, the truth is that you can achieve a great upper chest workout in the comfort of your own home, with little to no equipment required.

Here’s a list of the best upper chest workout at home:

  1. Push-ups with Elevated Feet:

    Body weight exercises are a fantastic way to target your upper chest muscles without having to purchase expensive gym equipment. Push-ups with elevated feet are a great way to start. This bodyweight exercise is a great way to target the upper chest muscles. Start in a push-up position with your feet elevated on a bench or chair. Lower yourself down towards the floor, keeping your elbows tucked in, and then push back up to the starting position.
    decline push up

  2. Incline Dumbbell Press:

    For this specific upper chest workout you will require dumbbell flyes. It can be performed by holding both dumbbells horizontally to your chest while keeping your elbows straight. Make sure that both your palms are facing each other. Push both the dumbbells upwards and remember to exhale while doing so. While coming down breathe in and slowly make the bar come down until the bar is an inch away from your chest. Hold this position for one count at the bottom and then with one big exhale push the dumbbells back up.
    Incline dumbbell around the world

  3. Pike push-ups:

    This exercise is similar to a handstand push-up, but with a twist. Start in a downward dog position with your feet and hands on the ground on the ground, then lower your head down to the ground between your hands and push back up. This exercise targets your shoulders, but the pike position also places a lot of emphasis on your upper chest.
    Pike Push-ups

  4. Wide grip push-ups:

    Wide grip push-ups are another variation of the classic push-ups that puts more emphasis on your chest muscles, particularly your upper chest. To do a wide-grip push-up, place your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Lower your chest down to the ground, then push back up. This exercise can be made more challenging by elevating your feet on an elevated surface.
    Wide grip push-ups

Incorporating these exercises into your upper chest workout routine will help you build a strong, defined, and well-rounded upper chest. So what are you waiting for try these upper chest workouts today and see the fascinating way your body transforms right from the comfort of your home.

Upper chest workout at gym

Here is a list of upper chest exercises at gym:

  1. Bench press:

    Most people don’t consider the traditional bench press an exercise to work the upper chest, but it’s a completely different story. A recent study found that, with the exception of a few specific movements, the flat bench works the upper chest or clavicular head almost as much as an inclined bench. To successfully perform the bench press lie down on your back and grab the bar with both hands keeping in mind to keep both hands using an overhand grip wider than your shoulder width. Slowly lower the bar while keeping your elbows at 45 -70 degrees and then simply press up until your arms are fully extended.
    bench press for upper chest

  2. Reverse Grip Dumbbell press:

    Just changing your grip from overhand to underhand can have a drastic effect when it comes to upper chest workout. You get up to 30% more chest activation when you change your grip. The reverse grip press with a barbell is the traditional outlook of this specific upper chest exercise but using a dumbbell gives you more freedom to move your arm.
    Reverse Grip Dumbbell press

  3. Incline dumbbell around the world:

    This upper chest workout is similar to the incline dumbbell press but includes a complete range of motion that will also provide work to your shoulders. You can perform this exercise on a flat bench, but you will feel more tension on the upper chest if performed on an inclined plane.
    Incline dumbbell around the world

  4. Cable upper chest crossover:

    This exercise is perfect for hitting the upper chest muscles. The specific movement created by the cable crossover machine makes the clavicular head of the pec major move in the same direction as the muscle fibers inside your chest and this angle optimizes the way your upper chest contracts when you bring your arms together.
    Cable Crossovers

Tips for an effective upper chest workout

  • Warm up properly:

    A good warm-up helps to increase blood flow and prepare your upper chest muscles for exercise. This can help prevent injury and maximize your performance during your workout. A suitable warm-up routine might include five to ten minutes of light cardio such as jogging or cycling, followed by a few dynamic stretches and some sets of lighter-weight exercises targeting the upper chest muscles.

  • Focus on proper form:

    Proper form is essential for targeting the upper chest muscles effectively and avoiding injury. Keep your shoulders back and down, chest lifted, and core engaged throughout the upper chest workout. When performing incline chest exercises, keep your elbows tucked in and avoid flaring them out to the sides. Use a weight that allows completing each rep with proper form and without compensating by the use of any other muscle.

  • Increase the intensity and vary your routine:

    To build upper chest muscles effectively, you need to challenge your muscles by increasing the intensity of your workout over time. This can be achieved by increasing the weight lifted, the number of reps or sets, or by decreasing the rest time between sets. Varying your routine can also help to challenge your muscles and prevent boredom. Try using different equipment, angles, or exercises to target the upper chest muscles from different angles.

  • Incorporate compound exercises:

    Compound exercises are those that target multiple muscle groups at once. These exercises are highly effective for building upper chest muscles as they engage the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Examples of compound exercises that target the upper chest include the incline bench press, push-ups, and dips.

  • Get enough rest and recovery time:

    Adequate rest and recovery time is essential for muscle growth and repair. Make sure you are getting enough sleep each night and take rest days between upper chest workouts to allow your muscles to recover and rebuild.
    Chest Workout

Wrapping up!

In conclusion, building a strong and defined upper chest is essential for a well-rounded and aesthetically pleasing physique. Whether you’re working out at home or at the gym, there are a variety of upper chest workouts and techniques you can use to effectively target your upper chest muscles and activate your fitness goals.

When designing your upper chest workout at gym, it’s important to incorporate a variety of exercises that target the upper chest from different angles. At the gym, you can take advantage of the wide range of equipment available, such as barbells, dumbbells, and machines, to perform exercises like bench presses, incline presses, and flyes. These exercises allow you to progressively overload your muscles and challenge them in different ways, leading to greater gains over time.

However, an upper chest workout at home is also a viable option, especially for those who may not have access to a gym or prefer the convenience of exercising in their own space. Bodyweight exercises like push-ups, incline push-ups, and dips can be just as effective in targeting the upper chest muscles and can be easily modified to suit your fitness level.

Ultimately, the key to a successful upper chest workout is consistency and progression. Whether you choose to work out at the FitClub Gym or at home, remember to start with lighter weights or easier exercises and gradually increase the challenge over time. With dedication and effort, you can achieve a stronger and more defined upper chest that will enhance your overall fitness and physique.