Building attractive muscles is a dream and a goal of almost all the youths existing in this generation. They try hard to take all the supplements and do all the required activities that help them in achieving this goal but get disappointed after noting down negligible results, and that’s pretty obvious. But, just screaming out that you are not getting results is not a solution, rather, understanding why all your efforts are not showing up is what can help you much.

Do you know the reason you’re not gaining muscles?

Or, are you still engaged in figuring out the reasons behind this?

If this is the case, then hold your horses. We are here with this explanatory read that will shed light on some of the highlighted and discovered reasons that justify why an individual is failing in gaining the muscles. If you are facing this issue or someone in your known is encountering this issue, then just wait for a while and read this piece of information to the very end and gather some information.

Listing the major reason you’re not gaining Muscles

Some people after encountering this issue have even made a decision to join the best Gym in Gurugram with the aim of overcoming this issue. However, having an understanding of the major reasons that lead to this problem is something that holds the utmost importance, because on this basis only you can modify your efforts and put all of them in the right direction.

Take a look at the investigated results/reasons.

Lack of hydration:

Water is a vital element for our body and it cannot be ignored. However, nowadays, people are not so focused on that. Not only the gym freaks, but we all should stay hydrated and this is often advised by doctors as well. Dehydration causes health trouble and has often brought serious health issues, including life-threatening situations (death). Thus, to fight against this evil, it is recommended to carry a water bottle every time and ensure an adequate amount of water intake.

Improper diet:

After water comes the food intake. What diet plan we are following matters the most. Over and under-intake of any of the nutrients is counted as an improper diet. A proper diet involves an adequate amount of the nutrients required by your body. Now, you might be thinking about how one could determine whether a diet is proper or not.

Well, there is a principle that is considered a basis for evaluating a proper diet. The principle says that the diet nutrients are to be split in an ideal ratio of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Now, comes how much percentage each of the nutrients should hold. Right?

Here, is the percentage chart that is to be followed:

  • Protein: 30%
  • Carbohydrate: 50%
  • Fat: 20%

Inadequate calorie intake:

Our bodies require a definite amount of calories that vary from person to person. The figure in which the adequate amount of the required calories is mentioned is Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). The BMR gets varied based on the body muscle mass, weight, activity level, age, etc.

Insomnia or improper sleep:

Do you know insomnia can also be a reason that lets you miss your goal?

Yeah! You read it right. People who face trouble in sleeping are prone to the chances of not gaining the muscles. Taking adequate hours of sleep is a must to get an attractive physique that includes the development of muscles as well. And, one of the sayings also indicates it i.e. “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Thus, preparing and following a proper sleep schedule is also important to eradicate this issue.

Failing in getting the right foods:

Foods are the building blocks of the body. Cheat foods can be a threat to your body if consumed daily, this is why, it is recommended by nutritionists, doctors, and gym trainers to take a healthy diet, and by a healthy diet, they mean, a meal that includes a proper amount of the nutrients required by your body.

Improper workout schedule:

Improper workout schedule and the exercise technique that you are following is what need special concern. It is so because if the technique you are following is wrong, then you won’t be able to reap the fruits as per your expectations. It’s like simplifying a problem by putting in the wrong formula and waiting for accurate results, which is totally impossible.

Thus, you should emphasize the exercise schedule and the technique that you are following.

Sticking to the same workout:

Change is a law of nature and sticking to one exercise won’t bring amazing results that is what the study says. Thus, in simple words, sticking to one workout for too long is found ineffective in bringing effective results.

Performing the wrong exercises:

Right exercises will bring the right results only, and this is noticed that new lifters often perform the wrong exercises for building their muscles instantly.

Do you think that practicing the wrong exercises will really bring the right results?

Obviously no. That’s not possible in any manner. Here, are a couple of the exercises that you should involve in your daily routine:

  • Squat
  • Chin Up
  • Rows
  • Deadlift
  • Wide grip pull up
  • Bench Press
  • Shoulder Press, and
  • Dips

Lack of zeal:

Staying motivated and focused on your mission is one of the most important factors that frame the final result. If you are not motivated and confident relating to the efforts you are putting in, you won’t be able to get great results and this factor gets reflected in the result. For this. You can lay out before and after plans, and pictures, watch inspirational training videos, and get involve in discussions relating to muscle building.

Not focusing on your legs:

If you are not paying proper attention to the workout that you are performing then you won’t get the expected results. Thus, determining a correct exercise that best suits your needs is important, if you really want to build your muscles. For this, you can even take guidance from a person having knowledge about it or is engaged in the fitness field, say a gym trainer or a gym freak.

Pre and Post workout nutrition matters:

Shakes or other nutrients that are to be taken after a workout comprise the most important nutrients that are to be taken and are required by your body. Similarly, the body also requires some nutrients before a workout. Ignorance in taking the required diet will definitely influence the expected results. Thus, people should also focus on this factor.

These are some of the facts that have been revealed by professional gym trainers. Pay heed to these factors to improve muscle development.

Final Reflection!

In a nutshell, the intact read was prepared with the motive to help you become aware of the facts that have been discovered over time as an answer to the reasons you’re not gaining muscles. By focusing on the above-covered reasons you can easily improve the development of your muscles easily. You can even seek personal guidance from the gym trainers at Fitclub. Apart from exercises, you should also emphasize focus on your regular diet and the nutrients that you take after and before your workout. Further, you should also focus on the time during which you need to take the recommended diet.